How to take a partnership in Apple and Facebook shares and how to invest in foreign shares?

Being a shareholder of companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM is an interesting idea. It helps you to share in the profits of these global companies. Experts recommend investing 10 to 30% of your portfolio in global cities from a diversification perspective. The amount of money you invest should vary according to the size of your portfolio, financial goals and timing of investment as well as your risk appetite. For most retail investors, the first mutual fund route may be better if you are looking for equity overseas. If I am willing to invest money, then do not do it all at once, it is better to increase it gradually in a restrained manner.

If you don’t want to invest through mutual funds and you can also buy stocks directly Investor Stockcal Many fintech companies like Winvesta, Vested Finance have made it easier to buy listed cities abroad. Some Indian brokerages have tie-ups with fintech companies and Allowed its clients to invest abroad Allowed to buy part of your city in the US also making the city costlier for Indian investors $250,000 per fiscal year under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) can invest.

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