How to turn off display phone on iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max

Apple’s iPhone 14 pro and ProMax has a new feature called Always On Display. Always On Display allows you to view the home screen in light mode as long as your phone is not locked. It’s easy to turn it off in today’s article In this topic, we will talk about how the Always On Display can be done and how this system can be disabled.

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a new feature called Always on Display that is enabled on many Android phones. This lets you access your widgets such as the date, weather as well as low-light when your phone is locked. Can see in mode Apple says that with this idea you will not be able to drain your battery quickly Some people like this feature because they are able to see their visits in their phone’s home screen without touching Many people want to turn it off and to turn it off, we will tell you how you can turn it off, you go to your setting and there turn off Always On, this will disable the system and set it to manual.

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