Golden chance of investment in master franchise of Domino’s Pizza after falling 16% this year, now the city will be 22% stronger

According to the brokerage firm, the future of the quick service restaurant business is bright and it has a strong position in the region Jubilant Food Works. Experts trend is positive on Jubilant Foodworks, which has master franchise of Domino’s Pizza in many neighboring countries including India, hence has weakened by about 16 percent, but experts of domestic brokerage firm ICICI Securities estimate that by investing in it at the current price, just 22 Experts have upgraded its rating to buy from Ad and have also increased the target price from ₹ 640 to ₹ 750 is the largest foodservice company in the U.S. and has three international brands including Domino’s Pizza from Dunkin’ Donuts and the master franchise right of the office.

Jubilant Food Works is the country’s largest foodservice company and it has the master franchise rights of three international brands Domino’s Pizza Dunkin’ Donuts and Poppies.

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