health insurance Increasing life security awareness among people

The data for the month of August was released by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), according to which the premium of non-life insurance in the country has increased to Rs 24471 crore, out of which Rs 2500 crore has been collected by health insurance in the country. According to the data of August released by the insurance regulator Insurance Vinayak and Development Authority of India IRDAI, there has been a growth in the loan life insurance sector in the country. In the same period last year, 319 life insurance companies in the country had a total collection of Rs 21867 crore premium collection of five standalone health companies in the country has increased by 8%, it has increased to ₹ 590,000,000 in August this year last year In the same period it was ₹ 16 crore.

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