Kotak Mutual Fund launches Business Cycle Fund

Kotak Mutual Fund has launched Kotak Business Cycle Fund (KBCF) This fund will rotate its portfolio in different sectors. There will be sectors which can benefit from the current economic cycle. This New Fund Offer has opened on 7th September which is Kotak Business Cycle Fund will be closed on September 21 It will use many types of indicators, rate sensitive and cycle. These companies include companies from many sectors, in which the energy and banking industry goes in the growth of metal power infrastructure and capital goods, believes that right now the cycle is in the growth of the economy. When there is a situation of decline, do more and the performance of the companies is good, the company of the pharmaceutical sector comes.

Pankaj Tibrewala, Senior Executive Vice President and Fund Manager, Kotak Mutual Fund, said, “This fund will use a top down and bottom up approach. We will identify sectors that have the potential to outperform in a particular business cycle page Staff Selection and Sectors The rotation will depend on the business cycle, the tipster said that often in a business cycle, this page will run simultaneously, which is why this fund will use its invested money in many sectors.

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